The Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt 2019 will be held on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, 19th & 20th April.


There will be 10 Egg Hunt sessions* to choose from EACH DAY :

 * Each session includes approximately 10-15 mins of egg hunting time for the participants. After that there will be 15 mins replenishment time by the Easter Eggs volunteer team. 

 Session 1:   1:00-1:30pm

Session 2:   1:30-2:00pm

Session 3:   2:00-2:30pm

Session 4:   2:30-3:00pm

Session 5:   3:00-3:30pm

Session 6:   3:30-4:00pm

Session 7:   4:00-4:30pm

Session 8:   4:30-5:00pm

Session 9:   5:00-5:30pm

Session 10: 5:30-6:00pm


This year, with your help, we aim to raise a significant amount of funds for our charity partner, Branches of Hope for refugee and asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking in Hong Kong, and make a significant difference in their lives. 

 The Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt is a paid event. All net proceeds will go to Branches of Hope to help restore dignity, justice and hope for Refugees and Asylum seekers in Hong Kong. This year, with your help, we aim to raise even more than last year.    We hope you will continue to support our event and this worthwhile cause. Come and be a part of the spirit of giving this Easter season.


  • Price per participant:  

HK$120 (Octopus Discount ticket)*  

HK$150 (Standard ticket by credit card payment)*

  • Children 1 year and under: Free entry (must be accompanied by a paid adult) 

**To understand our policies toward refunds and cancellation due to bad weather or other unforeseen events, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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