Transportation and Frequently Asked Questions

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What time should I arrive?

Allow ample time to come to Ma Wan.

A large crowd is expected to be coming for this Event.

Please ensure you bring your E-ticket(s) on O! ePAY with QR code clearly visible to CHECK-IN at the Registration booths on the Beach. 

You should aim to be at the Check-In for Registration at least ONE HOUR before your scheduled Hunt session.

How do I get there?

Ma Wan is only accessible by the Park Island estate bus and ferry service, or by taxi. No private cars are allowed into Ma Wan. The bus or ferry service is preferred to reduce traffic congestion at Ma Wan. Park Island Transport Company Ltd., have graciously put on extra bus and ferry services to accommodate participants. For the regular scheduled services please refer to:

For more information or options on Transportation into Ma Wan, please head to our Transportation page.

How many tickets can I get?

You can purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per participant for each Octopus O! ePay account.  BE-KIND and invite your family and friends to the event !  

How many children can I bring?

We do not limit the number of children you bring. However, make sure you can take care of them all! Children over the age the of 1 year old MUST purchase a ticket to enter the Easter Egg Hunt area. 

If I am a volunteer, and my children want to be at the hunting sessions, do I need to purchase a ticket for my children?

Anyone over the age of 1 who wants to join one of the Easter Egg Hunt sessions must purchase a ticket. You will get a coloured wristband when you check-in into the event. You will be allowed into the Egg Hunt area only if you have the corresponding coloured wristband. 

Can my children be volunteers?

We welcome children between the ages of 7-13 to sign up for the Easter Egg Team together with their parents. Please note the youngest age for volunteers is 7 years old.  All volunteering children under the age of 13 will must be supervised by their volunteering parents/guardians at all times. The adult will need to submit a Volunteers Application Form and include any child volunteers in their application.   Check out the Volunteers page for more information and to complete the registration.   We will try to assign suitable roles for you and your children.

I have registered 3pm session (for example), can I go to other sessions too?

No. You can only go to your scheduled session. Please check-in up to ONE hour before your session time.  ​You will be required to check-in at our Registration table beforehand. Ensure you have your E-ticket(s) on O! ePAY with QR code clearly visible to CHECK-IN at the Registration tables on the Beach. ​Please do not enter the Easter Egg Hunt area when it is not your session. Everyone will have their chance to hunt, so please respect others as well as yourself. 

I want to invite friends who didn’t register for the event, can I bring them with me?

No. Do not bring more people than those registered into the Easter Egg Hunt area. Coloured wristbands will be allocated to preregistered participants only. Only those with the relevant coloured wristband will be allowed to enter the hunt area. No one will not be allowed in without the SESSION wristband. However, they are welcome to enjoy time on the beach and game booths and watch the performances. 

What do my children use to hunt candies?

For the Easter Egg Hunt activity, bring plastic (NO metal) digging toys, such as beach spades for digging and buckets/bags to hold your chocolates/candies.

What if I find no Easter Eggs at the end of the hunt? 

There are plenty of prizes for everyone. DO NOT PUSH OR SHOVE especially at the start of the Egg Hunt session. Please be considerate of others. Safety is our #1 Priority.  

Where can I discard the candy wrappers?

There are bins around the event, so please kindly throw any rubbish into those bins. Do not litter the beach. Also, please make sure you bring all of your belongings with you when you leave the event.

Will lunch be provided?

There will NOT be lunch provided. The Event will commence sharply at 12pm on Friday, 19th April and on 1pm Saturday 20th April. If needed, please have lunch beforehand or pack a picnic lunch. Restaurants are located near the beach and at other locations on the island. Remember you should check-in at the beach with your O! ePAY E-Ticket an hour before your hunt session is due to start.  

Will there be beach mats, food, snacks and drinks served?

Beach mats and hot food will not be served on the day, but feel free to bring your own beach mats, food, snacks and drinks. You can sit on the beach during performances or enjoying other entertainment on the beach.

What other activities are there besides the Easter Egg Hunt?

Apart from performances, we will also feature game booths with activities such as Face Painting and Balloon Twisting available for children. Parents please queue in a considerate and orderly fashion with your children. You will be given a Stamp Card at Registration. A redemption gift is given for those who have completed all the booths and collected all the stamps.

Can I take pictures of the performers?

Sure! But please be reminded to not go too near the Sound System and Performance Areas as this may affect the performance. 

Can I bring alcoholic drinks?

NO alcohol is allowed or served on the day.

What should I wear?

The weather on the day of the event cannot be predetermined. Please dress appropriately. We recommend hats, sunglasses and sun cream to reduce the risk of sunburn.

What if my children are injured during the event?

A First Aid Tent is available on site. Also a First Aid room is available at the Lifeguard station, if needed. The Event is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

I got lost/ I lost my child, what should I do?

Please approach the Branches of Hope/Information Tent for assistance. Also security volunteers will be stationed around the beach and Egg Hunt areas. Please follow their instructions. Lost and found people (or items) will be brought to the Branches of Hope/Information tent for collection.

If I want to take pictures of my children only, do I need to purchase a ticket?

Yes. You will need to go into the Egg Hunt pit to be close to your child to take pictures. Therefore you will need a ticket to go in.  All net proceeds go to the Charity organisation Branches of Hope.

See you there!

The Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt 2019 is going to be our best year ever, so jump in and join us on the 19th or 20th of April, or better still, sign up as a volunteer to give back to the community!

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