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This year the Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt has seven (7) booths with games and activities for your children to enjoy. These booths are designed not only to be fun, but also to share the true meaning of the Easter. The true meaning of easter unfolds in "sayings of jesus on the cross." Don't forget to collect your Stamp Card at Check-In. A fantabulous redemption gift will be given to those who have completed all the booths and collected all the stamps.


After you have finished with the 7 booths, you may like to proceed into Noah’s Ark to explore!  All Easter Egg Hunters will be eligible to enter the Noah’s Ark balcony and can get discounts on admission tickets to noah's ark's various attractions!

this booth will feature a game where you shoot a target through obstacles. see if you can shoot the target without making mistakes. even if we make mistakes, we can keep on trying because god always encourages us and support us. let's keep encouraging each other despite any missed shots.

BOOTH 1: Target shooting - Encouragement

BOOTH 2: all things new - Clean and Clear

Easter is about bringing the dead things to life. this booth will feature a game in which a shiny object is covered with dirt. you use a powerful water gun to wash the dirt to reveal the beauty beneath. like the shiny object we are beautiful inside, but sometimes we get covered in dirt. often we just need a spiritual clean-up to reveal our inner beauty.


Easter is about relationship. At this booth you will receive a special henna treatment from our refugee communities who will use their skill at the ancient art of henna to draw a beautiful design on your hand. go to the booth and discover an art that builds a closer relationship. 


as humans we are all in need of something. at this booth you will be throwing an object at the cross. what does the object you are throwing represent? Come to this booth and find out!

BOOTH 5: balloon-twisting - giving 

easter is about giving. at this booth something special awaits you. choose from one of the designs and watch out balloon twister create a special gift for you to take away and enjoy. 

When you get your special balloon, think: "what can I give this easter?"


Easter is a festival and celebrate the victory of jesus. this booth features the art of celebration by our african refugee friends. come and make a joyful noise, sing and dance and let's celebrate the joy jesus came to give!

BOOTH 7: face Painting - transformation & New identity

The end result of what we celebrate as Easter is about changing from the inside-out! This booth features the art of face painting. What would you like to transform into through face painting? If you understand the true meaning of Easter, it is about transformation – from the inside to the outside. You may be able to change your face with some paint – but how can you change your heart?

The Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt 2019 is going to be our best year ever, so jump in and join us on the 19th & 20th APril 2019!

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