What time should I arrive?

Allow ample time to come to Ma Wan.

A large crowd is expected to be coming for this Event.

Please ensure you bring your E-ticket(s) on O! e-pay QR code clearly visible to CHECK-IN at the Registration booths on the Beach. 

You should aim to be at the Check-In for Registration at least ONE HOUR before your scheduled Hunt session.


Ma Wan is only accessible by the Park Island estate bus and ferry service, or by taxi. No private cars are allowed into Ma Wan. The bus or ferry service is preferred to reduce traffic congestion at Ma Wan. Park Island Transport Company LTD. haVE graciously put on extra bus and ferry services to accommodate participants. For the regular scheduled services please refer to:

The Ma Wan Easter Egg Hunt 2019 is going to be our best year ever, so jump in and join us on the 19TH & 20th APRIL 2019!

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