Be a Volunteer!



Love meeting people? This sounds like the role for you! 

The ushering team helps meet and greet people and direct them to the beach. You may also guide guests to registration, egg redemption and game areas. Don't forget to bring your smile!

Join us to be a Volunteer on the day!

We need lots of helpful, reliable people to join us in the:

easter eggs team!

This is the most popular role, it is so fun! 

You will be dealing with hundreds and thousands of Easter eggs, transferring them from trucks to the beach, and hiding them under the sand for hunters to dig up! 

Time to flex your muscles and keep them busy!


The Registration team helps people check-in for the event sessions. You will help electronically sign in participants and give out Session wristbands.


So what happens after the hunters find their special eggs? They will come to you to redeem their candies and prizes! 

​Your main role is to exchange guests’ special eggs or game booth cards for prizes! You will be hosting the redemption booth.


You are very important! Because without you, the event would not be possible! 

​This Security team is responsible to help keep people orderly and well-behaved in front of the registration, in queues, and ensure people are kept out of the Egg Hunt area outside their scheduled times.


For the logistics team you’ll be our muscles for the day! You’ll help move equipment and candy boxes, set up tents, tables and chairs, and create protection barriers for the Egg hunt area amongst other things. Get ready for some workout!

Thanks for your willingness to help out at the ma wan easter egg hunt 2019! you are serving a great charity cause, and we trust you'll have a joyful time as you give your time and energy!

To sign up as volunteer on 19th, 20th April or for both days. please click on the following link!

Remember: be-kind! Be Friendly!

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